Step 1: Learn the Message

First, we recommend reviewing our suggestions on how to talk about jobs in long term care. We conducted extensive research to identify the most effective ways to encourage individuals to consider a career in long term care.

Understanding the research results will assist you in better reaching your target audience – prospective employees. And, applying the talking points and language suggested will help ensure you are using the strongest selling points as you work to attract more people to your open positions. These are research-proven strategies and language that have been tested with actual job seekers and current long term care employees.

Step 2: Make A Plan

Are you looking to enhance your social media recruitment? Revamp your job listings? Find new ways to reach prospective caregivers? All of the above? If you’re not sure where to start, start by reading the “How To Recruit Long Term Caregivers” document for ideas on how to improve your hiring efforts, and use our detailed checklist to make your plan. Choose two or three tactics to start out, set goals, and use our free Careers in Caring resources to start implementing your plan.

Step 3: Download and Personalize

Now that you understand the best ways to talk to job seekers and have a goals for your hiring efforts, the next step is to review the Careers in Caring Resources page and filter based on resource type and who you are.

You can download resources that are customizable to your facility or state affiliate and add your own logo or facility name (these are labeled “Editable”). You can also simply download resources that are ready-to-use.

You can use any of the material on our Resources page – add it to your website, post on social media, share information with your employees and more! Don’t be afraid to be creative and use Careers in Caring resources in any way that is helpful to your hiring efforts.

Step 4: Spread the Word

Now that your resources are customized and ready to go, put them to use! Revisit your goals from Step 2 and execute your plan. We’ve listed some additional ideas below:

  • Post your job openings. Use job boards such as Indeed or Glassdoor, local college and university websites and social media platforms such as LinkedIn.
  • Invite current employees to spread the word about why a Career in Caring is a good choice for those looking for a job in health care.  Make your current employees your ambassadors! Ambassadors are the “career dream team” that can represent your organization at career fairs, facility tours or visits to local education or training institutions.
  • Share your stories. Share your employees’ stories and why they love what they do on social media (check out the “Why I Care” videos for inspiration).
  • Promote your efforts in the press. When you’re ready, involve local media! Outline your recruitment efforts and the meaningful careers in long term care and share with your trusted local reporters. This is a great way to spread the word in your community. (See our press tools).

Get everyone to spread the word about why we hope people will choose a Career in Caring!

Other Tips:

Review our Careers in Caring brand guidelines which provide detailed design elements and key specifications on the logo, fonts and recommended photography. Follow these guidelines when developing collateral materials and on social media to build a stronger presence for your hiring campaign. 

The Careers in Caring logos, videos and photos can be used on social platforms, websites and other materials for further promotion.