June 14, 2023

How To Use Social Media Templates

Social media is vital for curating a successful hiring campaign for your long term care facility. 

Social media usage has nearly tripled since 2013, quickly becoming the epicenter of communication, learning and entertainment for a majority of people around the world. 

What does that mean for a long term care hiring campaign, exactly? 

It means that a social presence is vital and a great asset to improve your efforts to reach audiences that may have been previously overlooked. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn offer different target audiences that may be looking to start or transition to a career in long term care. 

The Careers in Caring social media toolkit offers options for both facilities and state associations that include best practices and sample posts to leverage a social media presence, using Careers in Caring messaging and branding to recruit more prospective employees into long term care. 

When using the social media toolkit, make sure you follow the best practices. These practices can help increase engagement on posts and followers to gain more exposure to your hiring efforts, ultimately driving more traffic toward hiring applications. 

Another great practice to help enhance your social media presence is to use imagery. Careers in Caring offers branded photos to use in addition to the social media templates when posting. Adding images and visuals to your posts often increases engagement and draws more audiences to interact with your posts. Download the Careers in Caring photos here

Check out both social media templates below to accompany your #CareersinCaring hiring campaign!