October 31, 2023

Where To Post Long Term Care Job Openings

The prospect of recruiting long term care staff online can feel overwhelming. Given the sheer number of job boards available, where does a long term care facility begin to post open positions?

Below, we’ve outlined the strengths and weaknesses of top hiring platforms to help guide your job-posting process. (Remember to use our editable Sample Job Postings to guide content for your hiring posts.)


Indeed is one of the most popular job sites globally, driving more than 250 million visitors monthly, and is highly affordable for job posters.

  • Strengths:
    • Highly popular among job seekers
    • Free to post jobs; offers low-cost sponsored post options as well
    • Offers assessments and job skills tests to vet applicants
  • Weaknesses:
    • Does not have unlimited free postings for all job types
    • Heavy competition/may have to weed out unqualified applicants

Learn more about how to post on Indeed here.


LinkedIn has an established reputation as a networking site. Its job search feature combines this focus on connection with more traditional job board features to allow users to apply for open positions.

  • Strengths: 
    • Allows applicants to connect directly with recruiters via regular and Premium features
    • Offers pay-per-click options to boost job posting visibility
    • Easy to view applicants’ resumes and profiles and validate their skills
  • Weaknesses:
    • Recruiters can post one (1) free job posting at a time
    • Heavy competition among applicants

Learn more about how to post on LinkedIn here.


Glassdoor was created to improve transparency in the hiring process. Prospective employees can read reviews of hiring organizations, view salary information and apply to open positions.

  • Strengths:
    • Free for job seekers
    • Allows potential recruits to see salary information
    • Allows current and former employees to leave positive reviews and entice new recruits
  • Weaknesses: 
    • Allows current and former employees to leave negative reviews, potentially deterring new hires 
    • Limited profile-building features

Learn more about how to post a job on Glassdoor here.


At a higher price range than its competitors (monthly plans start at $279), recruiting software Monster offers a popular hiring option, particularly for high-turnover businesses.

  • Strengths:
    •  Reusable job ads and ability to keep resumes on file to post the same/similar positions
    •  Intuitive platform that is easy-to-use
    •  Automation available for communication with applicants
  • Weaknesses: 
    • No free option; payment plan only
    • No applicant tracking

Learn more about how to post a job on Monster here.


ZipRecruiter is a legacy job board, boasting more than 110 million job seekers and 2.8 million businesses that have used the platform. A differentiator: ZipRecruiter’s artificial intelligence (AI) matching technology.

  • Strengths:
    •  Can match likely applicants via AI matching technology
    •  One-click application streamlines process for job seekers
    •  Cross-posts your job posting to more than 100 job sites 
  • Weaknesses: 
    • Best for entry-level jobs
    • Uses credit system for job posting; can become expensive

Learn more about how to post a job on ZipRecruiter here.


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