August 8, 2023

Facility Tours: Showing Long Term Care Careers In Action

When you think of the hiring process, the first steps that come to mind may be posting on job boards, asking current staff to reach out to their networks, or attending job fairs.

Add to that list one additional highly effective and relatively low-cost hiring tool: Facility tours.

Facility tours serve as a powerful way to not only showcase the great care your facility offers its residents, but to spread the word about career opportunities and generate support in the challenges facing the long term care industry as a whole.

In terms of recruitment, facility tours enable your staff to show your community – media, policymakers and the general public – the abundant careers available in long term care, from nursing to dietary to activities and more. Tours can include information about the day-to-day services your facility provides, as well as the upward mobility that a career in long term care offers. 

Moreover, facility tours inherently highlight how caregiving makes a real difference in the lives of patients and residents. Visitors can witness firsthand how staff become family members to residents in their care and vice versa.

So, how can you use Careers in Caring hiring collateral in your facility tours and inspire new caregivers to join the fold?

Here are options to get you started:

  • Check out Careers in Caring’s brand guidelines to help design brochures, handouts or flyers to give to visitors touring the facility
  • Have tour guides prepped with these talking points, Q&A, and myths vs. facts on working in long term care
  • Customize our one-pager to hand out during the tour
  • Run this “Why I Care” video on a monitor in the front lobby of your facility to introduce newcomers to the long term care profession 
  • Encourage visitors to share your facility’s posts on social media

In the event your facility is interested in expanding facility tours to other audiences, such as  members of Congress,  you can use these resources from AHCA/NCAL to get started: